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Real Steel Soundtrack

January 4, 2012 2 comments

This is a science fiction film released 2011 starring Hugh Jackman as ex-boxer called Charlie Kenton who now competes in robot boxing contests for a living.  When his ex-girlfriend dies he is informed that it is his responsibility to either take care of their son Max Kenton or sign away his custody. Initially his relationship between him and his son is very rusty, especially after he finds out that Kenton signed him away for a large sum of money. But with the discovery that his son is a very big fan of robot boxing we soon get to find out that these two have a lot in common.

Bad Meets Evil – Fast Lane 

The main robot Atom is discovered by max after he nearly falls to his death only to be saved by the robots arm accidentally. Kenton initially dismisses the robot as a piece of rubbish, but Max with his dedication spends the whole night digging the robot out of the scrap yard.  Bailey played by Evangeline Lilly who is mostly known for playing Kate Austen on lost plays Kenton’s childhood friend/ romantic interest and helps reboot the robot.  Bailey also reveals that at is a Generation-2 sparring bot and was built to take a lot of hits, this would later be a big part of the robots success, not only that but he has a shadow function meaning it imitates it users movements.

50 Cent – Enforcer 

After begging his father to get his robot a fight, Max gets his chance to show his robots potential in an unofficial out door match. The robot is expected to get knocked out in the first round but due to its ability to take countless hit it survives the first round and goes on to win the match. After a few successful matches Atom is invited to fight in his first league and official match. At this pointed he has some updates, he is not controlled through voice rather than remote control. All bets are against the robot but it comes through for Max and Kenton one more time.

Styles of Beyond – Nine Thou

After winning his match against the robot Twin Cities, Max challenges the Leagues unbeaten, untouched champion robot named Zeus. This is a David and Goliath story as a tiny robot goes against the giant and more advanced Zeus. Atoms ability to take multiple hits proves to be a very big advantage in this match as he keeps getting up after countless hits from the champion robot eventually wearing him out.

Eminem Ft Nate Dogg – Till I Collapse 

It was amazing how much I got into this movie, not an Oscar winner but visually and story wise it was just a lot of fun. The film gets you to follow the robot and its rise to glory and all the way through you are glued to the screen like a helpless fan just screaming in joy whenever he wins his matches! Very good film and I recommend you watch it.

Real Steel Soundtrack list

1. Fast lane – Bad Meets Evil (Edited)
2. Here’s A Little Something for Ya – Beastie Boys (Edited)
3. Miss The Misery – Foo Fighters
4. The Enforcer – 50 Cent (Unreleased)
5. Make Some Noise – The Crystal Method Featuring Yelawolf
6. Till I Collapse – Eminem (Edited)
7. One Man Army – Prodigy & Tom Morello
8. Give It A Go – Timbaland Featuring Veronica
9. The Midas touch – Tom Morello
10. Why Try – Limp Bizkit (Edited)
11. Torture – Rival Sons
12. All My Days – Alexi Murdoch
13. Kenton – Danny Elfman